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Razones y Ventajas usar nuestros servicios

Disadvantages of Other Low Cost Suppliers

  1. Most of the Low Cost Internet providers offer unbeatable prices, but an unfortunate support. See the reviews on the Internet.
  2. If you have a problem, they will respond politely to you for life, or pay 60 euros for 30 minutes of service.
  3. In other occasions, not only 60 euros for 30 min, but you do not know how much the service will cost you, it goes from 60 euros to 500 euros per breakdown. See the reviews on the Internet
  4. The domain is never yours until after a permanence of years.
  5. Its cheap website can not take it, it is non-transferable, which, it loses everything.
  6. If you move your domain, they cut the service, mail, web and everything on the fly. Irrecoverable.
  7. The service is now being 91, but after long waiting lines, nobody fixes the problem, call your webmaster.

Disadvantages of the independent Webmaster

  1. Most are so busy trying to make ends meet, that they have many clients at the same time, and can not serve them.
  2. You will obviously be charged for each arrangement, since you live on arriving at the end of the month.
  3. The usual thing is for the webmaster to change his job and send him a closing mail in a few months because the business does not work between taxes, statements, and fights with his usual partner.
  4. A webmaster is one, or 2 friends, no more and they can not know everything about programming, design, mobile version, server configuration, seo optimization … There are so many departments that can not give you the global solution.

Advantages after seen the Disadvantages indicated above

In the Technological Institution we have enough expert staff with a minimum of 3 years in SEO, Graphic Design, PHP Programming, ASP.NET, Ajax, Jscript, Servers Configuration, Social Networks, Analysis, Data Bases, etc .., es say, minimum one per position. And in addition to that, we have been developing web applications, and everything that surrounds this service since 1999. The same Senior Analysts / programmers / designers from the beginning.

Take the test, you will tell us how.